You didn’t start this business just to make money, you started it because you wanted to make a difference, do something important, and change some freaking lives.

You've been busting your ass, but you haven't quite made it to your next level goals yet.

Hustle, a trendy logo, and a quick site haven't gotten you there.

Hustle = burnout. It's not sustainable. And your VA or junior designer is not an expert and doesn't have the skillset to give you higher level marketing work.

All the mindset work and coaching hasn't gotten you there.

You made the vision board, you did the journaling, learned to meditate, and read all the bad-ass books. What they didn't tell you is that mindset alone doesn't work.

All the strategies and courses haven't gotten you there.

Are solid strategies important? Hells yes. BUT the best strategy in the world can't help if your business is not set up to fully implement it.

Maybe it's because your foundation isn't set up to handle your next level of success yet.

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meet brit

Full time confidence dealer, design degree holder, learner of all things marketing, and problem solver extraordinaire. 

The super secret that I know is... it’s not about a pretty site and brand. (GASP)

You deserve to have a brand that shouts your mission and makes clients fall in love with you. You deserve to have a website that makes your life EASIER. You deserve to have the brand tools you need to build big and be seen as an authority.

You and your ideas are worth investing in.

THATS what helps you move forward with confidence, not a pretty logo. 

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The team and I are here to make sure you’re fully supported in doing this work you’ve been called up to do. Meet everyone >

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real transformations

These are women who bet on THEMSELVES, who knew they were here to do the work and make a difference. These are women who empower their clients to live their best lives every. damn. day.

Susan Wos, Salonspa Connection

“I was totally overwhelmed and lost and knew I needed help. Working with Brittany gave me a design, blueprint, clear vision and confidence to take my company to the next level. The success I have experienced since launching I attribute in large part to Brittany's expertise and ability to turn my dreams into reality. Brittany was my game changer.”

clear vision and confidence


“I didn’t know how to show my audience that I had what they were look for. It made me feel inadequate, lacking the ability to connect, like there was a barrier between me and my people. Now people see who I actually am and how my work can change their lives.

they see how my work can change their lives

Jess Fisher, Salon Lola

“My challenge was trying to narrow down who I was talking to and how to makreting to that person. Brit helped me complete my business package as a whole. Branding is so much more than pretty colors and logos. She helped me find my dream client and taught me how to talk to them and get their attention.”

completed my business as a whole

how it works

You don’t have to brand and site build by yourself, you have a community of sister-lifters that can help you get to that next goal so you can get rid of the crap that’s holding you back.


We sort out the mess. We get insight on processes, offers, services, message, your big WHY - we want to make sure it’s all strong.



Where mindset and planning meet the real world to create impact. Time to implement and take action - aka website, social content, etc.



Having a plan means putting intention into everything you do, finally KNOWING where you’re going, and owning your message.


Making it easy for you to move forward with confidence in your business.

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take a stand

We work with women you care about the same things we do. We want you to succeed so you can keep being a change-maker. Read our mission here >

in Empowering others to lead their best lives.

We believe...

Working smarter, not harder.

glass ceilings are meant to be smashed.

Making More money means we have more impact.

in Race, gender, ability, and socioeconomic equality.

We want you to grow your amazing business, spreading change throughout your community and making the world a better place.

Read out mission and check out the Change-Maker Manifesto here >

do it different

We hold ourselves back when we constantly second guess, questioning ourselves and what we think we’re supposed to be doing.

You don’t need another strategy or to hustle harder, you need a solid foundation.

Trust us, we’ve seen it before. Doing the same thing and working yourself to death is doing no one any good - not you, not your fam, and not your clients.

From Fear to Famous - and it’s all in finding your voice and living your purpose.

take a deep breath

Want to make real change in the world and see the massive impact you can make in the lives of your clients?

Let’s see how we can we can make you 30k-400k richer this year by getting business exploding systems in place, so you have the money to REALLY change some lives.

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