Minimalist brand design is like a breath of fresh air. Using clean lines and plenty of white space we created an open, fresh brand for this new business.


Blank Canvas Designs


Create a minimalist brand design to get a solid foundation in place before their launch.


Minimalist Brand Design, Style Design, Website Design, Social Media Asset Creation, Content Planning, Social Strategy, Copywriting.

Brand Board showing custom minimalist design
Minimalist Brand Design
Earthy Color Palette
Minimalist Brand Design Color Palette

Open. Simple. Minimal.

Blank Canvas is all about making your house feel like home with interior design, space planning, and project management.

Erin’s specialty is creating beautiful, functional areas that inspire happiness – and actually work for your family. She believes that everyone deserves to feel good inside their home.

Erin’s ideal clients are busy families – families with a few kids running around, soccer practices they have to get to, working parents, just busy schedules in general.

She wanted her brand to represent the clean, open feeling she wants to bring into her clients’ homes to help them deal with the clutter and overwhelm that their busy lives had created around them.

Brochure Design
Brochure Design
Brochure Design
Brochure Design

How Erin got started in Interior Design gives you all the warm fuzzies:

When I was nine, my family bought a house in Russell, Kansas. I remember it was a huge house and over 100 years old. It was all limestone, with meathooks installed outside and the insulation was made of horse hair.

Others may have looked at it and seen a dump, but not my mother. She inspired my creativity and drive. I steamed off wallpaper with vinegar and hot water, carried away loads of drywall, watched sanders turn the old wooden floor into something rich and beautiful.

At nine years old, I had no idea how much I would learn and love. Those walls became our home after a year of hard work.

Some see outdated – I see the potential to make it yours.

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