What is the whole point of having a brand? To create a meaningful connection with your circle.

What is the hallmark of an amazing brand? It gives you ALL THE FEELS, and usually you don’t even know it! 

The goal in creating an amazing brand is to reduce the time it takes to know like and trust you.

We want to give clients an emotional reaction that will prime them to building a positive relationship with you. We want to bypass distractions and small talk by putting in place elements that connect with them immediately.

The main theme here is relationship building. People don’t buy from/book with businesses they don’t have a relationship with. This relationship is not necessarily with you as a person, it’s developed with your brand.

Want an example of this?

Target: I guarantee you have a relationship with Target. Target might be your place of freedom, where you grab an iced vanilla latte with almond milk while you savor the time spent alone, leisurely roaming through the home goods section while you imagine you’re Joanna Gaines with all your lovely place settings and perfect throw blankets. Or maybe you’re a Walmart person, you’re a contra who rebels against the trends and enjoys people watching and wearing slippers in public. Either way, you have a relationship with Target. It makes you feel a certain way and the way it makes you feel mirrors a part of your identity.

The challenge: how to build a relationship with someone you’ve never met. Like you don’t know the owner of target, but still have a relationship with the brand.

This is where you brand comes in. 

To talk about his we’re going to compare it to an online dating profile. Even if you’ve never used online dating yourself, you know what happens on Tender, don’t act like you don’t…

When you’re in online dating land, and you’re searching for those profiles that you think will be a “match,” you’re processing a lot of things and they aren’t necessarily conscious. 

Profile pic = Brand Visuals: 

Yeah, you’re going to think someone is attractive or not, but it’s not really a conscious choice. You’re innate preferences and personal biases decide for you whether this person is attractive or not. This is obviously not the most important part of a person, but it is what catches your attention first.

Bio = Tag line/Mission:

Those couple chunks of basic information give you a whole lotta background. You can decide whether that person may match with you or not based just on that. It lets you know if your are what they are looking for, and if they are what you are looking for. 

Description = Content

The bulk of their description, what they want to say about themselves and what they choose to talk about is their content. Do they talk about reading books, or how much they like GOT, or that they like to party and avoid life responsibilities? You learn here whether your interests are compatible or not.

Personality = Brand Voice

Once you make it past the profile pic, the basic bio, and the content of their description, you gather their personality from the tone of their copy in the description. Are they punny (lolz)? Serious? Witty? Intelligent? Brotastic? You’re going to get an idea of how it would be to interact with them by their “brand voice” here.

So, when you go through all these things, you make a choice on whether to continue reading and ultimately reach out, or to move on to the next person. 

This is what people are doing when they are searching out the kind of help you offer with your services/products.

They are probably asking for recommendations and then flipping through pages and sites like they would go through a dating profile. 

Your goal is to woo them. Let them know using your visuals, mission, content, voice, etc to connect with them and hopefully get them to reach out to you.

Your brand ends up going even further than that. 

Your brand is also how you respond to them when they reach out to you, how you court them, the sweet texts they wake up to in the morning, and the roses you bring on the first date. Your brand doesn’t stop at the profile, it’s who your business is at its core.

Just like in online dating, you might be attracting a certain kind of person, that may or may not be they type of person you want to attract. 

Intentional branding is making sure that your “profile” is set up in a way that accurately represents you in an authentic way, giving the relationship ready viewer a taste of what it would be like to date you AND attracts they type of person that you WANT to be partnering with. 

Bam. No d*ck pics necessary.

How a Brand is Like Online Dating, Without the D*ck Pics

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