You’ve gotten your business going, now what?


You’ve started your business, you’ve gotten clients, and now you want to solidify and grow.

My problem when I was there was that I didn’t know who to listen to. I felt like there was SO MUCH INPUT from everyone in facebook groups, and the business gurus, and friends, and conferences I was attending.

Each expert had their opinion on what was important and what you should do next, and of course it was the thing that they sold.

We all get caught in this from time to time and it can be super overwhelming.

What I found that really helped me was blocking everything out for a while and really getting down to basics.


I asked myself:

What goals did I have for the upcoming years?

What goals did I have to this year?

What would have to happen in order for me to reach those goals?

How to I break that up into tasks so my goals happened in real life?


That helps me be laser focused on what I needed to be doing, instead of losing myself in the chaos of what everyone says you should be doing.

Goal setting and figuring out your direction should be your top priority, because it guides everything else that you do and keeps you from getting call up in all the “shoulds”!

Finding Direction When There Are So Many Opinions

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