You have your Squarespace site designed, now what?

This video will walk you through the basics of how to work with your site and its platform once it’s handed off from your designer. Watch to learn how to navigate the Squarespace interface, adding pages and content, editing existing content, and other topics like adding blogs, ecommerce, and settings.

Squarespace Website Editing How-To Basics.

You can find the topics below at these times:

Interface | 00:40
Pages Section and navigation | 01:40
Adding a Page | 03:32
Editing/Adding Content on Pages | 04:22
What You Need to Know About Images | 07:35
Editing Text | 11:15
Blog Posts | 12:42
Summary Blocks | 11:15
Events Pages and Calendars | 17:58
Ecommerce | 20:16
Settings Overview | 21:29
(Marketing/ Domains/ Permissions/ Billing/ Analytics)
Don’t break your site links! and Page Settings | 23:47

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Squarespace Website Editing How-To Basics

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