Easy content creation hacks to simplify your life.

Let’s be honest here, content creation can be a bitch. Content creation makes us squirm. And content creation gives us headaches.

It’s love or hate – or both together. We love to hate it, grouping together to vent about how overwhelming it is and rolling our eyes at perfectly styled Instagram photos. We hate to love it, knowing that we NEED to produce it for our business to actually grow.

Do you need to be pushing out consistent, on point content to run a business? No.

Do you need to be pushing out consistent, on point content to run a successful business that is ready to scale and growing year over year? Yep. Yeah. Ya do.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Streamlining your processes can make it so easy, get you the highest roi, and take things off your full plate.

Let’s take the mysterious veil off the world of content creation and hack our way to easy street.

Ummmm…. What the hell do I post about?

The biggest block to getting your content going is not knowing what the hell to post about, amiright?

You start your day, pit in the stomach, knowing it’s another day that you have to force out some sort of post and engage on social and do all of the things on the fly. 

“What do they want to hear me talk about”

“Does it even freaking matter what I post about, no one reads it?”

“I am doing nothing exciting today, this is life, they don’t want to see me give me eat leftovers and watch netflix”

This is an easy fix that you probably already know about, but aren’t implementing because we psyche ourselves out.

Creating a content bank based on your services and your client’s pain points is the easiest way to do that. Brainstorm and come up with a big ‘ol list, keep it in a safe space, and fall back on it when you go into freak-out mode.

When developing content, it’s important to make it strategic. You’re right, I don’t want to see pics on Instagram of your leftovers. That does nothing for me, and it does nothing for your business.

Having a plan is where it’s at.

If you have a goal for the month, you can use your content to help make that goal happen. Think about Black Friday (and try not to feel stressed about it), do you think businesses sit around hoping people will buy their Black Friday specials when they’ve been pulling random posts out of their ass? Nope, they are using the time before Black Friday to prime you on the deals they are going to be able to offer. 

Think about what your goals are for the month.

I mean, if you don’t exactly set monthly goals, that’s cool, too. This can be as simple as wanting an event you’re having to go well, booking more discovery calls, selling a specific product. (You can find an awesome Goal Setting workbook here) What can you do in your content NOW to prime your audience for those goals? THAT’S what you need be be talking about in your content.

Stop hiding from all the things…

…wanting to hide under our desks when we think about how we need to create a blog, make some videos, post on Instagram, make some Pins, engage in your Facebook group.

We give ourselves a big pat on the back and pour a celebratory glass of Pinot when we get that blog written or get a few stories accomplished that day… and then we remember that those are a single event, a little blip on the radar of the life of your business and not even a blip on the radar of a good percentage of your client’s lives. 

Your entire audience does not see ALL your posts on ANY channel you’re on.

Remember this – even in your groups. You could post the same thing multiple times and your whole audience would still not see it.


Multipurpose the hell out of your long form content!

Using the same content, multiple times, in multiple different ways is the easiest way to #1 ensure people are seeing what you’re trying to show them and #2 take the pressure off yourself to find unique content for each post on each channel.

You can totally beat the overwhelm and master your content.

You’re going to be like a content ninja – you’re hacking the shit out of the content creation process.

Really, you got this. The only thing that’s holding you back is in your mind. Get a damn plan in place and make sure you’re utilizing it. 

The biggest thing that I’ve found is carving out a set time, to do a set process, with set accountability. 

Most of know we need to be creating content consistently and strategically to up our game. Most of us also have an idea of how to put a process in place for that. Knowing both those things we are still held back in being consistent. That’s where the accountability comes in.

Find some biz besties, find a program, tell people your plans, and get. Shit. done.

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Content Creation, Demystified.

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