How to use social media without getting sucked in, spinning your wheels, or losing your shit.

Social Media is here to say.

We might grumble about it being a time suck, or vent about how we wish we didn’t have to use it to stay engaged, but it’s not going anywhere.

You need to be able to show up if you’re in the online realm, and we all are. This might look different for different people, but we all need to show up in one way or another.

The challenge is figuring out HOW to show up in the most effective way for our own situations – we need to do what works for us in the real world.

How do I keep from getting sucked in?

We’ve all lost hours, days, weeks, months I’m sure, to blind social media use. It is a time suck and it’s something that we, as a society, need to work on.

It’s changing the way we live our lives and engage with the outside world, not only in our personal circles but in business.

In fact, the interwebs have totally changed how many people do business and it would be a special situation to have your business not need to be on social at all. 

So what can we do to make sure we’re able to engage and market our businesses on social media, without getting sucked in?

  • Hello, iPhone screen time!
    • Have your apps shut down after a certain amount of time.
  • Turn off notifications
    • Only check intentionally
  • Make it a family affair
    • Have designated no-tech times that everyone can participate in. Family is everything, do it together.
  • Plan when you engage
    • Literally put an event in your calendar or set a time for when you sit down and engage on social media. 
  • Remember, real life connections win out, every time.
    • When you’re wrapped up in social media it can be hard to remember this.

How do I keep from spinning my wheels?

We all want to make the most out of the effort we’re putting into marketing (HELLLOOOOO ROI!). No one likes spinning their wheels and putting in a ton of effort only to see no real results from those efforts.

  • Have a plan.
    • Focus on money making activities
    • Come up with a list of things you can do that have real benefits
    • When you have a plan, you can actually see data, date is good ( : You can see what’s working and what’s not.
  • Create a content bank to take the pressure off.
    • Don’t stress girrrlllllll!
  • Know your people
    • Don’t waste time connecting with people that won’t be working with you and focus on YOUR people.

Dear God, the logistics!

We get real into our heads about this one, wondering about all the platforms, and freaking out about strategy, but really we need to keep it simple and slow down. Logistics can always be changed, but the hard part is deciding and sticking to it

  • Pick a platform and strategy
    • Please, don’t spread yourself too thin.
    • Figure out where your clients are and go there.
    • Keep in mind where you’re comfortable. If you feel like you should be on facebook, but can’t stand the platform, THEN RUN – to a platform you enjoy!
  • For the love of Pete, schedule it and make it easy on yourself.
    • Content Buckets
    • Pick a scheduler
  • Saved a date and get a buddy

We all struggle with this. Simplifying and putting in place structure around your social use is for sure going to ease that struggle. 

When we slow down and stay present, intentional, and on plan…

… (with room for some flexibility of course and make sure not to overload ourselves, because that’s a whole other issue!) it can lift a huge weight of our shoulders taking us from overwhelmed to in control.

Want to actually make this happen for you instead of being like “oh yeah, I’ll try these things” and then forgetting about them?

Join us in The 2 Hour Content Machine for accountability, strategy, and some get-shit-done time. Get focused, ditch the craziness, and streamline your content creation.

Social Media, Simplification, and Your Sanity.

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