Womens empowerment brands don’t have to be pink and bold to connect with women, sometimes earthy and rebellious is what sparks that fire.

Mockup of a hair stylist website design


Hair by Kelsey Johnson


Create a womens empowerment brand that connected with her free-spirited ideal clients and gave her a profession, confident look.


Mood and brand style design, Visual brand design, Website Design, Lead Magnet and Email list setup.

Womens empowerment brand board showing branding for a Hair stylist. Hair stylist website design with a retro feel for rebel women.
Hair stylist brand design with a retro feel for rebel women.

Hair Stylist Website

This website was created in Squarespace and featured a rich conversion focused homepage, an easy-to-use scheduler for current clients, and a screening system for new clients.

Easy to use on the backend, Squarespace is a good choice for women who want to feel empowered to take control of their own sites and brands after development.

All of my clients also receive access to The Nurtured Inner Circle where they get Squarespace and brand training making it super easy to implement their brand visuals once they have them.

Email List Opt-in Rate:

  • 6.3% Conversion MTD (February 2020)
  • (1.95% is average)
womens empowerment brand board showing branding for a Hair stylist. Hair stylist website design with a retro feel for rebel women.
Hair stylist logo design with a feminine, retro vibe.

About the Womens Empowerment Brand Look

A womens empowerment brand doesn’t have to be all bright pink, black, and middle fingers. Feminism and women’s empowerment is so much more than that. 

The retro rebel in Kelsey wanted to show itself with a feminine look that challenged the status quo on what it means to be an empowered female.


Retro color palette with oranges, yellow, and brown. womens empowerment brand board showing branding for a Hair stylist. Hair stylist website design with a retro feel for rebel women.
Retro color palette with oranges, yellow, and brown for fold women.

Kelsey Johnson’s Mission

Kelsey believes the only rules for hair color are the ones you give yourself. She spends her time helping you look your best, feel your best, and live your best.


She’s here to change all that.

” You want blue hair even though people told you “you wouldn’t look professional”… let’s prove them wrong. Always wanted to see what you would look like with a pixie? Shaved head? Blonde AF? Brunette goddess? Let’s do it. I love knowing I provide a service where I make people feel their best, empowered, confident in a brand new hair color.”

Love, Kelsey

Quote encouraging womens empowerment with cream dots and a woman whipping her hair around in front of greenery.
Women’s empowerment brand encouraging your to look, feel, and live your best.

Love From the Client

“Not having a clear brand made me feel unprofessional. Now my brand sets me apart – now I have a purpose and my brand attracts the right clientele for me.

If you’re on the fence, absolutely 100% do it.”

Love, Kelsey

womens empowerment brand client Quote. graphic from a happy client for hair stylist website design
Women’s empowerment brands that help you move forward with confidence!

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