How to create your brand messaging and use it to reach more of your perfect clients.

Brand messaging boils down to what you have to say and how you communicate with your audience.

In business, you use brand messaging to connect with your audience.

Your brand message is something that you have, whether you intentionally created it or not. Our message is how we communicate with our audience. It’s how we talk about the value we bring to the table, it’s how we talk about the values we share with our future clients. 

Your brand message is always speaking for you, when you’re not there directly doing it yourself, and it has the power to propel your business or stunt your growth.

Without proper messaging there is a lot that can go wrong.

 When your business isn’t growing like you planned, there’s a lot of blame to be thrown around. We blame marketing, we blame luck, we blame our content, or social media. 

But the first thing we should be looking at is our message. If your message is not on point with what your business is doing and where you want to go with it, that’s what you need to focus on adjusting.

With messaging that’s on point, you can pull in your most perfect clients.

 When you do get your message solidified, you see the perfect clients come rolling in, and that’s when you know you have it. It’s all about finding what message connects you with your most perfect clients, and then weaving that into all that you do.

Who am I talking to?

You need to know your target audience to be able to communicate well with them.

You wouldn’t try and sell steak knives to vegetarians, teen acne products and a nursing home, or black leather assless chaps to conservative mothers (but, hey, you never know…). THAT’S the importance  of knowing your audience.

If you don’t know them well, you could be unintentionally turning them off. When you don’t communicate that you share values there is no way for them to know that they are your people.

When you know more about who you’re talking to you’re able to add some “special sauce” to your communication to connect with them.

You really have to truly know them to be able to talk to them about what’s important to them. 

Here’s what you need to know about them:

  • Their story: What lead them to this point? How did they get into the situation they’re in now.
  • Their Desire: What is their greatest desire in life right now? This doesn’t necessarily have to do with your service directly, it’s their greater desire. What are their goals right now and in the future?
  • Their Vibe: What is their personality like? Where do they work? What do they do in their free time? What is their family life like?

What is their problem?

One of the biggest parts of your message is going to be speaking directly to the problems and challenges that your audience is facing. This lets them know that you’re knowledgeable about their situation, you’ve dealt with it before, and you are there for them.

This is like shouting “I HEAR YOU, AND I GOT YOU GIRL!”

If you’re not communicating that you know their problem, they will find someone who does.

 If you’re not the one talking about these things, they are going to go to the next person that does. You will be losing out on sales if you’re not addressing problems that your clients face.

The light at the end of the tunnel is, when you know what their problems are, you can speak directly to them. Once you explore their challenges and pain points you get a full picture of their frustrations and tension they’re experiencing.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • What is their biggest challenge in life right now?
  • How does that challenge show up negatively in their everyday life?
  • How does that challenge make them feel?
  • How does their challenge and frustration affect how they feel about their larger world experience and put strain on their values?
  • What are their specific pain points around their challenge?

What is my solution?

The solution is what you can do to solve your client’s problem. You know your audience. You know their challenge. Now what can you do to help them?

Without being able to give someone a solution, there is no reason for them to buy.

This is where you can really start to lift them up and give them some hope around what they’re going through. We’re not just going to throw their problems in their face and leave them hanging, right? 

People don’t come to you without having a problem, and they don’t buy from you without knowing you have a solid solution to that problem.

When you do know, you can build know/like/trust crazy fast.

What you need to know:

  • Those pain points you figured out? Write down the solutions you provide for them.
  • Note the transformation your clients go through from before working with you do after.
  • Create a list of values you share with your audience.
  • What is your purpose and passion as a business owner? Why are you perfect to deliver this solution to them.

When you know the right things to say is like a magic spell, attracting your best clients.

Knowing who you’re talking to, what their problem is, and what your solution for them is acts like mugwort, salt, and holy water, it’s literally your magic spell for attracting your most perfect clients.

Without it, you’re going to pull in the wrong people and go in the wrong direction.

You didn’t create your business to be working with clients who don’t value you, doing work you don’t enjoy, but you can’t reach the clients you want with messaging that doesn’t speak to them and their situation.

With communication and a little trial and error, you can ace this and work with the people who value you the most.

When you get solid messaging down, it can be a game changer in your business, pulling in those amazing clients who you just mesh with perfectly.


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Get your help statement on:

Messaging may seem big and scary, but it really boils down to how you help your audience. This is where your help statement comes into play to clearly and easily communicate all of this information you’ve been dreaming up!

How to write your help statement:

  • I help (your audience) do (what they’re goal is) using (your solution/services).

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