Intuitive branding speaks not only to the eyes, but the soul as well – building instant connection with those who align with the brand.

Intuitive brand design for mystical women showing a website design with a dark background, mystical woman, and bright fire colored waves.


Spirited You


Create a solid foundation that she can use to scale her business.


Intuitive branding, visual brand and style design, website design, social asset design, stock image curation, copywriting.

Intuitive branding board for mystical women showing different brand elements for a shaman's business
Intuitive brand board for mystical women in business.
Intuitive branding design for mystical women showing a website design with a dark background, mystical woman, and bright fire colored waves.
Intuitive website design for mystical women in business.

Site Launch Data:

  • Unique Visitors Increase – 30.1% yr/yr
  • Button Clicks – 216.1% yr/yr
Fire and hand illustrated logo

About the Logo

Phoenix, Owner and Shaman, at Spirited You knew that she wanted a logo mark that communicated the passion and fire she helps women get back in their lives, therefor I used natural elements to communicate that. 

The fire, the sun rays, they hand – in combination they are all representative of owning the fire that’s inside you.

Overturned triangles are symbols for the feminine, paired with fire, that is masculine, this logo brings us into balance.

This intuitive branding logo was hand illustrated and then created in Illustrator to make it digital.


Bright color palette sitting in from of an image of a woman with wings.
Bright high-energy color palette

Spirited You’s Mission

Your creative, heart-centered spirit isn’t meant to wile away as a lonely wallflower, waiting for an invitation to life’s big dance.

When you courageously choose to step out, taking risks and facing your fears, suddenly you own the dance floor. 

I promise to guide you through the leaps and twists along the way. And soon enough, you’ll easily slip into your gleaming dance shoes, with your head held high and your eyes clear, foxtrotting to the heart-thumping rhythm of your soul.

Inspiring quote on top of an image of a woman with wings
Inspiring Brand Design

Social Media

Social asset design for shaman
Social media asset design for Shaman

Love From the Client

Client Testimonial

There was a barrier between me and my people, now people see who I actually am and how my work can change their lives.

-PhoenixSpirited you

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Intuitive Branding For Mystical Women

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