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Plan, adjust, and sell your services to pivot.

(News flash, pivoting services isn’t just for in a crisis)

Pivoting services depending on your audience’s needs is something that all businesses need to master at some point.

Pivoting your services is a necessary skill when something changes for you or your audience, and it WILL change.

Your clients’ lives will change, your life will change, your business will change. If anything is 100% for sure in life, it’s that it will change.

If their needs or challenges change the solution that they’re looking for changes as well.

So when the inevitable happens, and the world throws you (and your clients) a curveball you need to be there with a different solution by pivoting services that you offer.

If we are using our businesses to truly serve our clients we need to be flexible in what we’re offering and in-tune with what solutions we can offer will be best for the specific challenges they are facing.

This is the whole idea behind pivoting your services.

Whether your pivot is physical products to digital products, in person events to online events, you’re just tweaking a service or product you already have and making it work better for your clients.

In other cases, this might be a brand new product or service that you’re going to offer. That would still follow the same stages of planning, adjusting, and selling that swerving an existing service would go through.

If you can learn to pivot and swerve, you can make sure to still meet your audience where they’re at and provide amazing services to them still.

This is a totally essential, necessary skill for businesses that want to be around and thriving in the long run.

There are three stages that you need to go through to make the most out of this and make sure that you’re pivoting 100% on point!

Person writing in a notebook on a wooden table with coffee planning pivoting services
Planning is the first stage in pivoting services.

Planning Stage

First thing’s first – you need to do a little research.

Without actually engaging and communicating with your people, you’re not going to know what they are going through right now, so the very first step is to get to talking to them.

If you don’t find out from your people what they need, you’re going to end up off base.

The information about your clients is best when it comes directly from them – not what you think they’re thinking or going through, but listening to their actual words. Their worries, their goals, their struggles, their challenges – these are all things you need to have open ears to.

What to do: Ask away!

  • Have a community? Ask in your group how everyone is doing and what their challenges are.
  • Don’t have a group? Ask your people in other groups!
  • Not active in any communities? Email your past clients and check in on them!

Just get some information to go off of that is coming directly from the people who you’re serving. This is just like how you build your message.

Now what you can do is pivot your services to create a better solution to the specific situation they’re in.

Woman walking outside with a book over her face seeming frustrated with pivoting her services
Adjusting is the second stage in pivoting services.

Adjusting Stage

You’ve asked what they need, you’ve developed a solution. Now we test and adjust.

Especially if you have a smaller audience, you might find that one or two people have a totally different challenge than the majority of people you’re going to be serving. So the best thing to do is to test your solution.

Don’t get stuck offer a new service that no one wants!

You might think you’ve come up with the perfect solution, but the best way to find out is to ask!

Test and adjust to make sure you 100% on point before wasting any more time or energy on a solution that won’t work. It will be way more powerful if you know it’s what they need.

Once you explore their challenges and pain points you get a full picture of their frustrations and tension they’re experiencing.

What to do: Beta Testing!

  • Post in groups, email your people, do whatever it is you need to do, but pick a few people and talk to them about your solution.
  • Even better, you could create a simplified version or a freebie for your solution/service and give it to them to use. Ask for feedback and if you find it was a little off or didn’t get them the results they were hoping for, see what you need to adjust before moving forward.

At the end of this you have a fully functioning, perfect problem solving solution that is sellable.

Neon sign on black background that says do something great.
Selling is the third stage in pivoting services.

Selling Stage

Now, you actually have to tell people about it.

A lot of people have a hard time selling. We think it’s icky, we think it’s selfish, we’ve been told it’s bad.

But I am here to tell you that it’s your responsibility to KEEP SELLING (yes, I will be using yelling caps in this section, so brace yourself)

If you don’t tell people about it (aka SELL IT) no one will know about it (aka NO ONE WILL BUY IT AND GET THEIR SOLUTION).

Do you know what actually IS super selfish? Having an awesome solution for someone who is struggling, and keeping it from them because you have hangups about selling. 

Think of this as setting out a beacon that lets your people (who are struggling right now) where they need to head to get some relief.

If you give people plenty of alerts to your solution you’re giving them an opportunity to make their lives easier.

What to do: TALK ABOUT IT!

  • Do lives. Post about it. Have calls. Network.
  • There are lot of strategies around this, and I for sure have my own ideas on what works best, but the point is to share this. Everyday. Multiple times a day. Everywhere you can.
A woman holding up a mirror so you can't see her face, like when you're pivoting services but not telling people about it.
Don’t hide, your people NEED you and your services.

Your people NEED this from you, this is you learning how to BEST SERVE your audience.

This is a skill you’ll use a TON, it isn’t something that’s just for times of high stress or big change.

This is a skill you can use every single time you launch a new program or want to try out a new service.

It’s the very best way to serve your people.

THIS is how your business grows. THIS is how you develop. THIS IS HOW YOU BEST SERVE YOUR PEOPLE!

Nothing stays the same, when you can pivot and let your business evolve with real needs, you create a healthy, long lasting, IMPACTFUL business.

I want you to be here after shit goes down and I want to see you be able to evolve your business. Learn to pivot, and you learn to have staying power.

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