What you ACTUALLY need in your brand toolkit for success.

What does a brand include?

Chances are, if you’re asking this question, you’ve already spent a lot of time attempting to DIY your own brand.

We’ve all spent HOURS in Canva trying to come up with designs for social media, workbooks, our website…

Imma tell you… this is a HUGE waste of your time.

I’m giving you permission to NOT do this anymore

And how you avoid it is really simple.

I’m going to go over exactly what you need in your brand toolkit so that you have all the tools you need

AND the blueprints for what you’re making, so you can cut down on the time you spend trying to play designer in Canva by like 90%.

CHECKLIST: What you ACTUALLY need in your brand toolkit for success:

🔲 LOGO – does not have to be fancy and decorative, that can actually hurt you if it’s not well done. (you can grab them here)

🔲 SUBMARK (at least 1) – your logo is not always going to fit where you want to put it.

🔲 COLORS – start with HEX codes, that’s what you’ll use the most in the beginning. One light, one dark, one bright and a few neutrals.

🔲 FONTS – this is a no brainer in keeping consistency. Headline, subhead, body copy, script or decorative if you’re feeling it. 

🔲 IMAGES – you need images, and if you don’t have your own, grab stock. Think of topics related to your service, grab pictures of things you clients like, find images of what your clients look like after working with you. Unsplash is great for this.

🔲 GRAPHICS – get a little decorative. Lines, patterns, shapes, just add some details.

🔲 A CONTAINER – you need a place to house all of those things. Style guide, brand board, folder system, etc. Canva brand boards are awesome for this because you can copy and paste out of the file right into the files you’re working on.

⭐ BONUS: LAYOUTS – templates for social posts that you can duplicate and use again and again.

Why is this important?

Having everything set cuts down on the time it takes you to actually come up with graphics.Once you have everything together is essentially plug and play, you have all the pieces, you just have to put them together.

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Do you have these tools in your toolkit ready to go?

If not, let’s make it easy and give you your time back. 

What does a brand include?

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