In 2016 my life changed. After a series of transformational events I took a leap, leaving the advertising agency I worked for, and set out on my own. I wanted so badly to spend more time with my children and tune into my life - I had a deep yearning to do something more than work for someone else.

I wanted to work with other people like me, people trying to do what they can to make a difference in the world. I believe that when you help businesses who are doing good in their communities succeed, you're impacting the world on a larger scale. 

After lots of trial and error, surrounding myself with an amazing team and mentors, and diving head first into the world of small business, here I am. I have time for my kids, I do work that I love, and I get to connect with some amazing women all around the country. I explore my creative passions everyday creating beautiful brands for beautiful souls.

I'd love to help you do the same.

The Formal Stuff:
• 11 years in the Design Industry
• Degree in Graphic Design, 2007
• Social Media Bootcamp Certificate with ASPE
• Completion of Dean Street Society's Instagram with Intention Course
• Completion of TCC's Follow Through Method Course
• Agency Experience

I help you
help more people.



Hey! I'm Brittany Miller.

*Extra Juicy:

I'm a shaman and that gives me bonus skills in the work that I do. Ask me about it when we have a virtual coffee date! 

I use a zippo that I’ve had for 10 years to light a coconut charcoal block. I still love the click a zippo makes when you flip the top off. The charcoal sits in a small black cast iron bowl on my desk, on top of the ashes there from the previous day, and the day before that, and on and on. My dried desert sage and frankincense resins are in bags, in a big ceramic pot that I keep on a shelf in my office.

I crush some of the leaves and put them on the charcoal, I feel immediate clarity as the smoke starts to rise. The earthy scent takes me to a place of calm and makes everything feel new and fresh again. I top it with a couple stones of frankincense resin and the smoke starts to build.

I turn on the fan to spread it around the room, getting in every nook and cranny and seeping into the wood on my desk. I take a moment to close my eyes, give gratitude, and get clear before I sit down and turn on my computer.

I'm now ready to begin my day.

Being in the right mindset to take action is one of the most important things you can pay attention to. Our mindset determines the perspective with which we go into a task. You get to pick whether you head into work irritated about the day before and ready for confrontation OR you get to pick, instead, if you are starting your day with gratitude about all the bad-ass things to come you way for the next 16 hours. It's up to you.

I try and put myself in the mindset of clarity and receptiveness when I start my work for the day to get clear and be open to new ideas.

Sage brings clarity, purifying the air and whisking away everything that is left over from the work of the day before. Frankincense brings blessings and peace – it connects me to something greater than myself and gets me centered and at a place of balance. This combination automatically puts me in the mindset of creation, ready to pluck new ideas out of the air.

So much of what I do as a brand builder is about getting clear and making magic. I help you get clear on what your brand is going to communicate, how it will make people feel, and what kind of role it will take on. From that, a spark is created. I help you bring your brand to life and figure out which path to take once it’s created.

I encourage you to build your brand’s identity, not only what that will look like as a logo on a business card or your homepage on your website, but also forming your business' belief systems, values, and perspective. Your brand takes on a persona and crafting that is what I help you do. When people interact with your brand, they are engaging with that persona. It’s your brand’s job to be clear on what it stands for and true to its values to form a relationship with your tribe of clients.

Nice to meet you and thank you for reading - let's get started.

Sage and Frankincense.

This is what I burn every time I sit down to create –
this is my ritual for all work that I do.

Why the name, SAGE + FRANK?