About the Brand Developer,

and the process.


I'm Brittany,
nice to meet you ( :

Hey, there!

- a little woo
- into self-care
- red wine drinker
- human & plant mom 
- big freakin' dreamer
- decisive action taker
- likes rap, don't judge

I’ve been helping people gain clarity around strategy, processes, and branding as SAGE + FRANK since 2016.

Before that, I worked in design for “the man” since I earned my degree in Graphic Design in 2007.

I know how hard it is to balance ALL THE THINGS - the daily tasks in your business, running the household, and still managing to find some time for yoga, and the farmers market, and family fun night! 

Your job is to let your business unfold, keep the momentum going - it is NOT to worry about how all these moving pieces come together.

Good thing it IS my job to worry about that and strategically design your clear plan for moving forward.

I'm Brittany, nice to meet you ( :

Building your brand on a strong foundation

All of this fancy pyramid graphic to say:

I care,
your brand is intentional,
and we're going to do this right so that it works.