Brand Ready Checklist:

what to do NOW before you brand!

The right prep before branding can make all the difference.

Would you rather have:

a) branding that takes twice as long, goes through countless revisions, gives you ALL THE FRUSTRATION, ends up putting off your community, and doesn't fit your business


b) branding that's wonderful experience, creating a beautiful, meaningful message that you feel excited and proud to share AND attracts your circle like a magnet


To get the most out of your investment
(hey, ROI, nice to see you here),
come into the branding experience prepared.

Marketing by
Marketing by

I’ve had so many clients come into branding projects that soon realized that this is so much more than hiring someone to make a pretty logo and picking out fun colors. 

The more clarity you have around your mission and your business, the more clear your brand will be. The more clear the brand, the more successful the brand.