Naturally KC


To get their business started strong and reach their target audience.


Naming, Visual Branding, Style Design, Website Design, Social Media Asset Creation, Social Strategy, Copywriting, Content Creation.




Natural. Inviting. Minimal.

Naturally KC is Kansas City based naturally minded website, blog, local business directory, and community.

Naturally minded means you are conscious of the products you use, the food you put into your body, and the way that you live. Naturally minded can look different to each individual.

Naturally KC supports healthy living, no matter what that looks like for you. They recognize that everyone is doing their best and that when we know better we do better.


Style is hip, minimal, modern, vintage:

A little bit of copper pans in a farmhouse kitchen, a little bit of clean lines.

A hint of natural shapes contained in sharp geometry.

Always mixing a little of the old, natural ways and a modern element in a clean, minimalist fashion.



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Naturally KC – Natural Living in KC

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