Graphic Design Coaching

Developing your design business.

Hey, Future Designer.

You’re good, you know you’re good, and you know you could be better with the right guidance and tools.

You feel like you’re being held back because you’re winging it right now. You’ve learned what you can from self teaching,  online courses, even college, but you haven't gotten the fine-tuned skills or real world knowledge in the bag yet. You feel like real world guidance would help you take your business to the level.


> I have no idea what I’m doing.
> I wish I could use those programs.
> What if I mess up?
> What if my design is shit?
> There's no way I can charge that much.

From design, to how to treat clients, she was there"

"She was there when I doubted myself.

Abi W.

I have literally been there. I’ve started my design business from the ground up and all along the way I had those same tapes playing in my head - so let me tell you this:

Let that shit go and make a plan to move forward.

Having a guide to help you form that plan can speed up your growth. Yes, you can do this all on your own, take some more courses, learn by trial and error and hope it works. Or, you can learn from someone who's made all the mistakes and learned all the goodies already so you don't have to.

I want to give you a heads up on the challenges to come and help you navigate this new territory because I know how scary it is AND also how rewarding it can be. 


> Build a graphic design skillset.
> Add graphic design to VA or social media services.
> Freelance as a new graduate.
> Leave your 9-5 to start your own business.

This is for you.


1) We get to know each other and make sure we're a good fit.
2) We get a pulse on where you want to be and form a plan on how to get you there.
3) We commit to the level of support that works for you.

What we cover in the program is tailored to you. Need help with any of these?

> Design skill development
> Portfolio guidance
> Business resources
> File prep for web and print
> Creative process

> Client approval processes
> Back end tasks like invoicing
> Sales/Marketing/Strategy
> Adobe program training
> Website creation

I got you.

After your program is finished, it doesn't end there. I'm here for ongoing support. You'll receive:

> Follow up education opportunities and tips
> Support group membership

I'm always a message or email away.

in every aspect of getting my business started.

"Brittany was extremely helpful

Heidi C.

The Program

Each program will be individual tailored to your specific needs, meeting you where your at and helping you get where you want to be.


Let's Talk!

8 weeks

> 1:1 zoom meeting
> Homework
> Immediate communication as needed
> Support group

Beta Testing Special!
$100/week for the first 5 designers to register.