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The frustrated freelancer

The creativity, the art, the exploration!

But this is not what you thought it was going to be like.

Either working for someone else doing projects you don’t like,

or freelancing and hustling your ass off for hardly any money.

You LOVE Design!

You're frustrated with your challenges,
working on jobs that don't light you up,
with clients who don't actually value you.
Taking time away from your family and life,
for way less than you thought you'd be making.

The business side of things is kicking your ass right now.

transform your design business into a client-Attracting,
money-making machine

No more worrying you’re going to have to find a job, no more being scared the next client won’t come in, no more taking on the worst clients because you need the cash.

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Set your business up in a sustainable way that brings the best clients to you at the price that makes you money. 
Ready to have weekends free? And nights, too? AND any other time you want to take off because YOU CAN?




 First, we’ll put in place the Creative Foundation needed to grow a strong design business.

Then, we Craft Your WOW - putting everything in place you need to set yourself apart and pull in your perfect people.

Last, we make sure you’re set up with a strong Growth Strategy so you can keep building bigger and grow your business.

creative foundation

your wow

Growth Strategies

how it works

this isn't a generic business building program for boss babes...

This is design-business specific, - led by a down-to-earth 6 figure agency owner with 15 years in the industry.

I’ve gone through all of this myself and built my business from ZERO after I left an ad agency where I was busting my ass, but not going anywhere.

I’ve led clients to 5xing their income, having their first $100k months, and $50k+ course launches. These are things you can do for your clients, too.
There are people out there who NEED your talent and specialties, they’re just waiting to find you.

Agency Insider Circle

You're looking to take your design business to the next level and want to learn from someone who's been there.  Consistent $10-20k+ projects, here we come!

Agency Insider academy

These sessions are perfect for getting real-life guidance on a specific situations or challenges in your design business. First session is on the house ( :

Mentorship Session

You're ready to get it together. Finding clients, getting your systems in place, and ready to reach for consistent $5-10k months!

the options

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Brit is a brand marketing expert who works with mission-driven entrepreneurs. She’s the creator of the Foundational Brand Blueprint, a framework that builds an authentic brand presence using insight and intention to create a positive impact. She’s been featured in Code Design Mag, Gusto, and the Envision. Lead. Grow. 2021 Entrepreneur Institute. She is a Certified Master Marketer.

Active in the marketing industry since 2007 after graduating with a degree in graphic design, Brit grew tired of helping big corporations make more money at the expense of their customers. She left corporate ad agency life to focus on family, health, and offering a different way to think about marketing. Brit’s Facebook group, Brand for Impact, is a lively community of 1k+ people that supports other women in using entrepreneurship to make their world a better place.

When she’s not helping entrepreneurs build their brands, you can mostly likely find her drinking red wine in a room full of plants and art, with rap music playing in the background and kids constantly asking “when’s dinner?”.

Brit Miller is the founder of Sage & Frank, a brand management firm.

a little woo
into self-care
red wine drinker
human & plant mom 
big freakin' dreamer
decisive action taker
likes rap, don't judge

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